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Trippie Redd Allegedly Arrested For Pistol Whipping a Woman

Rapper Trippie Redd is currently under fire after DJ Akademiks posted on Instagram a video of a woman claiming that the rapper had pistol-whipped her. In the video, the woman states,

"Long story short, I was chilling at my homegirl's house, and I basically fell off with Trip' and them and his b*tch a week ago ... His friend, Ceejay knows my homegirl through me and hit her up to come to the house. Now I was with her, at her crib, so when his friend comes to pick her up ... we all go together. Right when I get to the house, Ceejay is like 'Man get this b*tch out immediately' because we already had beef. So Trippie runs down the stairs with his b*tch by him like a little lost dog, yelling 'what is going on' knowing I'd beat the f*ck out of her. And I'm yelling at her, putting my finger in her face. So, Trippie comes and pistol whips me on the head, just so I wouldn't hit his b*tch."

See the whole Instagram post below.




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